Projects We’re Working On

We want to make Peekskill a more pedestrian-friendly town — here’s some things we’re working on to make that happen.

Main Street Crosswalk

Every day, many people cross Main Street about halfway between N. Division and Nelson Ave, because it’s more convenient and quicker than walking to the busy intersection. The easier and safer it becomes, the more residents and visitors will walk to the great restaurants and stores on both sides of Main Street. And there’s a simple, inexpensive fix.

We’re asking that the Peekskill Council authorize the installation of a high-visibility crosswalk across Main Street, near the entrance to the municipal parking lot. This would make it safer for the many people who already cross there every day, including families and seniors, by giving them the right-of-way and alerting drivers to their presence.

Our friends and neighbors are already crossing here every single day — so let’s make it official!

Connected Network of Protected Bike Lanes

This protected bike lane is in Brooklyn — but it’s a great example of how to easily create
a safe, protected space for cyclists that’s separated from car traffic.
Photo credit: BeyondDC / Flickr

One of Peekskill’s biggest problems is the lack of connection between the waterfront and downtown. A network of protected bike lanes would be a huge step toward making our city way more welcoming and easy to get around.

More Murals

Murals, sculptures, and other public art makes walking more interesting and pleasant — and it’s an awesome way to show visitors who we are! We want to fill the many empty walls around town with more art, and we’re working with numerous other groups, including the Peekskill Arts Alliance and BID, to make that happen.

Basic Infrastructure

Anyone walking around town has come up against broken crossing signals, missing crosswalks, the lack of garbage cans, and just general common sense measures (like sidewalks throughout the entire town!) that are missing. We’re working with the city to identify the problem areas, so we can work together on fixing those problems.

Want to get involved?

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