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About Us

We’re a group of friends and neighbors who think it’s important to make Peekskill more pedestrian friendly. Cities with high Walk Scores are stronger economically, have healthier residents, and are conscious of climate change — and they’re just plain more pleasant to walk around. We think Peekskill is awesome now, and we’re passionate about working to make it even better.

Conor Greene

Director of Communication & Government Relations

Conor moved to Peekskill from Brooklyn, in large part because you can walk to both nature trails and the downtown area.


Photo by Ocean Morisset

Margaret Steele

Director of Community & Arts Outreach

Margaret has been living, working and walking in downtown Peekskill since 2010. She proposed making Peekskill into a model walkable city at the recent Community Congress. Hundreds of residents voted for her idea.

Greg Gutkes

Director of Infrastructure

Greg also proposed walkability at the Community Congress. He, Margaret, and Conor are the original three founding members.

Fred Camino

Director of Design & Branding

Fred runs the popular Peekskill Exurbanist (@peekskill_exurbanist) Instagram account. He was drawn to Peekskill for its compact, walkable urban fabric just an hour train ride from NYC. 

Liz Greene

Director of Operations / Webmaster

Liz also moved here from Brooklyn. She got a gut feeling after five minutes walking around Peekskill during a day trip, and hasn’t looked back since.

Active Members

  • Marcela Bobe
  • Amanda Dennstedt
  • Frank A. Filiciotto
  • Seth Lumnah
  • Cathy Martone
  • Nancy McKeever Wareham-Gordon
  • Julian David Bautista Rojas
  • Steven Socha

Want to get involved?

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