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Peekskill Walks

Making Peekskill a more
pedestrian-friendly town


What We’re Working On

This rendering is just to help you visualize a crosswalk on Main Street. Of course, city and county planners will decide the best location.
New Crosswalk
on Main Street

We want a new, high-visibility crosswalk on Main Street, near the municipal parking lot. Tons of people cross there already, and this would make it safer.
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This bike lane next to Prospect Park, in Brooklyn, is protected by parked cars. You could also use bollards or plantings.
(Photo credit: BeyondDC / Flickr)
Protected Bike Lane Network

A network of protected bike lanes would make our city way more welcoming and easy to get around — especially from the riverfront to downtown.

This mural brightens up the street, and makes walking more interesting!
More Murals!

Peekskill has a huge artist population — so let’s have more public art! Murals, sculptures, and other public art makes walking more interesting and pleasant — and it’s an awesome way to show visitors who we are!

Pedestrian-friendly cities benefit everyone!

Why Walkability?


The amount
home values can increase for each
Walk Score point


The amount revenues increased when
Times Square was closed to cars


The amount home values rise when speed limit is decreased by just 5-10 mph.


Percentage of millennials who prefer walkable communities

How You Can Get Involved

We meet every Wednesday at the Peekskill Coffee House at 7 p.m. Everyone is welcome!


Photo by Ocean Morisset

Peekskill is walkable by default. We want to make it pedestrian-friendly.

Margaret Steele, Founding Member